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About LimboInteractive

It seems that, for most of my life, I’ve had an interest in what kind of stories you could tell in a video game medium. In the last half dozen years, it’s become something of an obsession. And yet, while I’ve been thinking and talking about the idea of telling better stories in what is intrinsically a game-based medium, I still haven’t arrived at a working solution. This blog is my attempt to pick my own brain and those of my visitors to formulate a real plan. Go Team!

ETA: It should be stated, for the record, that I am not setting myself up as an expert on this topic. I can think of several very intelligent people, whom I respect greatly and who know at least as much about gaming as I do, who nevertheless disagree with much of what I have to say on the subject. These articles are meant to start a conversation, not be the last word on the subject. I consider this to be a project-based blog, rather than a personal one; otherwise I would have put it under my own name. As such, my views aren’t the only ones to be examined here.

To that end, I ask that anyone coming to read who feels I’m off base about something, please feel free to present your arguments. Obviously, I ask for the same respect you would have me give you, but I see no reason not to discuss alternate points of view. This blog is about Interactivity in gaming and storytelling, and that can mean a lot of different things to different people. Ultimately, we all benefit from a broader examination of the subject, and not just my two cents on it.

So please, have your say. The floor is open to anyone. Speak.

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