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Slight Update

November 9, 2011

I’m still blah blah blah… it’s open in front of me and I’ve been editing the whole thing like a demon. Turns out the entire project comes in at around 32K words so far, and we’re nowhere near the finish yet. So I guess I will be packaging it as a book some time down the road. Most likely an ebook at first, but perhaps, if there’s enough demand for it, I’ll ararnge for some books to be pritned, or perhaps sign up for a POD deal. So that’s nice. Obviously, people reding these articles will be wondering what the point of buying a book they’ve already read online will be, and the only thing I can say is, I’ll have fixed it all up and put in lots of stuff that didn’t make it into this blog, as I’ve written quite a bit on this subject before starting this blog. Not all of it is worth reading, but some of it was pretty interesting. We’ll see what I can scrounge up.

Plus, as an added thingummy, I’ll be publishing my write-ups on a number of game reviews, including the ones I’ve posted here, yes, but others as well that are no longer so shiny and new, and thus aren’t as relevant to internet readers. And finally, I’ll be writing up some of my own thoughts on game development in general, from the point of view of a frustrated game developer who keeps having his projects fall apart just as they they make it into the ‘developing assets’ stage. Might not be helpful advice, but it will most certainly be mildly entertaining in a Here’s-How-NOT-To-Do-It-Kids way.

Back to work. Article soon.


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