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I’m Sorry…. So Sorry…

November 3, 2011

Okay, so I haven’t been working much on Redefining Interactivity lately. I’ve been a bit busy with a series of books I’m trying to gussy up to sell as eBooks via Smashwords and Amazon. I’ve been wanting to finish up RI simply because I’d like to sort it out, reorganize it, and see if I have an eBook there that I can sell as well. I’ve learned a fair bit from writing and posting the segments I have this way so far, but what I’ve learned that proved to be the saddest discovery was that NOT being able to keep up the pace I’d maintained at the start absolutely killed this project as a vehicle for getting my so-called ‘brand’ out there as a writer.

I still care very much about the subject, and still want to see the articles through to completion, but it occurs to me that almost no one who wouldn’t have been reading anyway has been coming around or commenting lately. To my small collection of devoted readers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I imagine you know who you are.

Anyway, I’ll probably be putting more stuff up here as soon as I get back to work on The Art of Words and The Arcolopolis, which are both projects I’m still very keen on and believe will need lots of promotion. The articles I post here will be mainly discussing the more Interactive Storytelling aspects of the projects, of course.

And I’ve been mulling over the idea of writing some IF; Inform 7 or perhaps an Undum project, if I can just get to grips with the fact that something about Undum feels a wee bit wrong, and I don’t know what. It’s probably me.

Alright, I’ve got books to finish. Seeya again soon.


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