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Slow Going

September 17, 2011

Sorry I’ve been so quiet. Since finishing my latest article, I’ve gotten tied up in edits and rewrites of the manuscript to my first novel, The Bride of War. To my longtime readers, discussions of editing that book have been going on for literally years. But I’m currently thinking it’s time to get the final draft sorted out and formatted for release as an eBook. I have two complete novels at this point, but they both require substantial polishing, and I’ve been putting this task off for quite a while. However, as I’m trying to start the laborious process of turning this writing lark into my main gig, it’s time to get some product on the shelves and open up the store.

As such, the latest installment of Redefining Interactivity has been languishing. No surprise to those of you have been following this blog for the past few months. I’m going to get to work on that some time in the next day or two, health permitting. I also have plans to start writing another game review, once again for a game created by my dear friend Deirdra Kiai, who is hard at work on not one but two new projects at the moment, one of which (the one I plan on writing the review for) should be ready for release shortly.


It’s a cute little interactive tale called ‘Play‘, which is ostensibly about a gladiator and a talking statue, but as that is merely the play being rehearsed by the characters in the actual game, it’s a little trickier than it sounds. Deirdra and I played around with this concept previously, but owing to the dreadful lack of progress involved in getting the game art drawn*, she’s found another outlet for her ideas.

I think she’s done a really nice job on it (I’ve had the honour of being one of her beta testers), and I’m hoping people really enjoy it, particularly since it also uses some ideas I’ve been thinking of playing with at some point, and is based on a game engine that I’ve been thinking works a great deal like what I’ve wanted to use for one or two of my own interactive story projects as well.

I’ll try not to repeat those points in the upcoming review.

At any rate, I have a raging headache today (second day running), so work is not so much getting done as getting stale today. I can’t take any more Tylenol just now, so I may have to try some other chemicals and see what the results are. Could be fun. Maybe I’ll just go give Deirdra’s game a few more spins, to see all the different endings. Probably all the progress I’ll make today.

Be well. Thanks for reading.



* The so-called artist has lately taken to making vague noises about resuming work on the original project. Any day now.

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