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Weekend Update, with anchorperson Lee in Limbo

July 9, 2011

The week of no work has almost come to an end. I’ll spend tomorrow trying to finalize the plotform of The Art of Words (or aOW, as I’m starting to think of it for reasons that will soon become apparent), and then begin the gruelling process of thumbnailing, sketching and rendering the many logos I will need to tell my visual/logoform interactive comicthing.

So far, I’m considering somewhere between 45 to 270 logoforms, minus whatever reworkings I do of any repeated words. This project may take upwards of the rest of the year and (hopefully not) some of next year as well to complete, even with my considerable skills as a cartoonist and logo designer.

I’m also still considering Kickstarter funding. My price keeps going up (currently thinking 3K). I’d better get my proposal together and pitch it while I’m still somewhere within the ballpark of sanity.

No work today. Transferred old files over from my uncle’s old computer (formerly known as Zoe mk 2 or 3, IIRC) to my uncle’s new computer (which my wife and I helped him purchase today) and got him set up with a freshly installed dose of Windows XP-the-expurgated-version. There may have also been Guinness consumption. And wine consumption. Two things that don’t usually go hand in hand, here in Limboland.

So yeah, there will most likely be a rough start tomorrow. Don’t expect genius until 3 pm. 4 pm if there’s vomit involved.

Time to take meds and go to bed. Hope all you naked pagans are having fun camping tonight. Think kindly of me, if it helps. If not, you should have known better. Good night.


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