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June 6, 2011

VFMD 2011 06 06b

I have to do a fancy schmancy illustration for this, which requires time and effort, which isn’t gonna happen tonight. However, unlike the last gag, this one has some fairly sophisticated graphics, as well. So I figured I’d whip them together.

Not stretching myself much, here, I must confess, but still, it looks pretty slick. I could probably take it that one step further and do some glossy things to the surfaces of the logo, but I think it would go against the aesthetic of both logos I was mashing up.

I’ll make the final decision after I’ve drawn, coloured and placed the illustration that goes behind it. The final palette will decide whether additional effects are needed to mesh the two elements together better.

Anyway, the illustration could take me a day or two, and I have laundry to do tomorrow, so I’ll try to get it done before the weekend. No promise. I may divide my time between that and writing the article I’m overdue on, but I also have lettering for several other shirts to prepare. So we’ll see what happens first. I figure as long as something is getting done, I’ll have snippets of goodies to show off. I’m rather enjoying the notion that several hundred strangers are sneaking by to peek at what I’m doing, even if they’re still being silent.

Anyway, seeya tomorrow.


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