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Did Somebody Say Tee-Shirts?

June 4, 2011

Yeah that was me. I said it yesterday. I’ll say it again tonight. Tee-shirts. With classic video game heroes (well, maybe not exactly, but you’ll know who I’m referencing when you see them). Starring in modern video games. Hilarity ensues.

I have several jokes lined up. I’m hoping to make it a baker’s down before I quit writing for this batch, but I’ve been busy trying to sell my $#!^ today, because I’m broke. Not your problem, I know. Just saying.

However, I have enough to get started. I ran the jokes by some friends, and they seem to hold up pretty good. I may tweak one or two a little more, but still, I’ve got enough to get started.

Here’s the catch: I work slow, and I can’t justify sitting around all day for several days in a row drawing and colouring cartoon images for tee-shirts I have no way of proving are going to sell. It’s a heck of an investment.

So here’s the question: What do I have to say to get you to tell me you’re interested in me making these shirts?

Comments welcome.


ETA: First Tee-Shirt design here.

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