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Week Three Report

May 29, 2011

Well, the results are in, and it seems pretty clear that Week Three was not as ‘popular’ as Week Two. And also, still no new commenters. The former is understandable. Not a lot of actual content this week. Most of the visits were to read my Portal 2 review, and let’s face it, Portal 2 reviews are old hat, now.

Truth to tell, any game review I do will probably be old news. I just don’t go out and buy lots of hot new release games. I didn’t even when I had money. I’d buy a handful of ‘new’ games per year, and half of them would be older titles repackaged or newer titles that had sunk to the delete bins in record time because there were no naked lesbian zombie mud wrestling scenes.

I’d consider renting and playing L.A. Noire next, but I don’t have the right console. Same goes for Heavy Rain and Alan Wake, for that matter. I do have Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. That’s pretty cool, and I can play it on my wife’s Wii. I also (finally) have a PC copy of Jane Jensen’s Gray Matter, which I’m intrigued by, despite some rather tepid reviews. Or how about Epic Mickey? That game on the Wii is absolutely awesome, BTW.

Honestly, I’m willing to look at anything, but I am limited to my wife’s Wii, Zoe (my ‘trusty’ PC), or my PPC-era G4 PowerBook. I also seem to recall that someone made a dickery little DS emulator (pirateware, obviously) that doesn’t look too hard to operate, but I think I read that it doesn’t work for just any DS game. And anyway, who wants me to playpirated DS games, anyway?

What I won’t do is go out and buy another new console just so I can play one or two games I MIGHT actually like, only to watch developers abandon it en masse and start building for the next iteration (for example, the Nintendo Wii, it seems).

But anyway, the main thing I’ve learned from this week’s site stats is, I can’t afford to sit on articles for over a week until they’re done. Better to cut them up into bits and keep feeding the blog regularly. Might not satisfy my need to make complete statements, but really, that’s what books are for, anyway. *nods firmly*

So I’m gonna go finish the dishes, and then come back and finish writing the first section of the second group of games that I believe people need to better understand their resistance to.



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