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For Those Still Wondering…

May 27, 2011

…Yes, the article is still happening. I’m several thousands of words into it. The bloody thing won’t stop growing. I can’t reach the frelling end.There’s no way the whole thing gets done tonight.

Have you ever had that dream where you find yourself in an empty hallway and you’re running and every door you come to shuts before you get to it and then you see the open door with the light streaming through it at the end of the hall and you start running faster and faster but it telescopes away from you and you run until you collapse frothing and screaming hollowly?

Exactly like that.

Anyway, I’m just gonna put up the next part of it and continue on from there. I’m just proofreading what I’ve got so far right now, to make sure it doesn’t completely suck.

Hey, I heard that!



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