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May 8, 2011

This is a new blog started by Lee Edward McIlmoyle (a humanoid media machine), devoted solely to his obsession with the concept of Interactive Storytelling, and just what he intends to do to make it a reality.

A brief definition of Interactive Storytelling might help, huh?

The goal of Interactive Storytelling, to my mind, is to invite the audience to take part in the storytelling process. Have you ever co-written a story with a friend? Have you ever participated in a community comic? Collaborated on a mural? Have you ever jammed with a band? Have you ever played a tabletop RPG, like Dungeons and Dragons? Well, I’ve done all of those things and more. I’ve also bear tanked and healed most of the instances in Azeroth, and had a lot of fun doing it. For a guy who loves to work alone, it’s interesting to find how much I also enjoy collaborations.

Now, why the hell should I care about all of this? I can draw comics and write novels and play enough musical instruments to record full pop songs all on my own. Those are all storytelling mediums, and I’m pretty good with all of them (well, my songs need more polish, but you can hear what I’m getting at in the demos without too much confusion, which will do until I get a new band, or at least enough money to afford to spend the time needed with an engineer to polish the songs properly). Why complain about games not being better storytelling devices? Because no other delivery system gives me the ability to use all of my talents at once, while opening up the possibility for my audience to collaborate with me, whether or not they’re any good at drawing, playing music or writing prose fiction. If you make the right ‘game’, you can give your audience the sensation that they are actually participating, rather than just going along and unlocking all of the slider puzzle doors or shooting all of the zombies between Chell and the cake (ummm, did I just get that mixed up? 😉 ).

There. Not exactly Funk and Wagnell’s, but it’ll serve.

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